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ART is an Italian melodic rock band based in Bologna, which marks its appearance in 2016 with 9 original songs constituting their first album PLANET ZER0.

This long awaited production is the fruitful intuition keyboardist Enrico Lorenzini had three years ago, putting together five skilled musicians, who share strong personalities and life-long experience of thousand stages across Italy.

90ís Whitesnake hard rock can be heard in Denis Borgatti warm vocal harmonies, and some David Paich languid pianos as well, while Enrico Lorenzini cutting lead keyboard shynths recall Claudio Simonetti pristine sounds, and 70s PFM, Deep Purple, and Marillion prog-influenced longer suites. 80ís Billy Idol and Toto pop-rock songwriting is echoed in Roberto Minozzi guitar work, and the thick and effective bass lines brought by Diego Quarantotto add compactness to the sound, perfectly paired by Fabio Tomba extremely precise drumming, reminding Porcaro ís early grooves.

In these nine songs they manage to blend all their inspirations and taste into a perfect summa of all this, creating a passionate, poetic, intimate, tasteful and organic blend which sounds fresh, yet so experienced. Planet ZerO is the starting point, at the very end, of an emotional journey, through life, both interior, as intimate as emotions are, and exterior, as the ever returning cycle of life-love-death is, for all mankind ñ thus the name of the album.
  • The music sounds better with you

    Denis Borgatti

  • Locals Only : Cape Town

    Enrico Lorenzini

  • Denis borgatti

    Roberto Minozzi

  • Diego Quarantotto

    Diego Quarantotto

  • Last days of Billy the Kid

    Fabio Tomba

  • Room at the Illville Hotel



Somewhere among the mightiest unexplored mountains there is a very high chair hanging up there.. or so they say.
Erect on his throne, made of a strange amber colored matter, lives a humanoid creature, blind from birth. He spends his long days scanning high and low thru a strange machinery all the details and the souls of all creatures, be them living or not, of a small and pale planet, not distant from us… At least if we consider our laws ruling space and time.
He always calls this world PLANET ZERO.

Available in:  Europe, Japan, U.S.A.


Everything begins here. And it can hence reiterate ad infinitum. All you need is the "amulet"... 618 little clockworks masterfully set in a small spherical shaped pendant. Even a blind man can now see through time dimensions... Guard love again.. Bring black to life the beloved ones.. Only three turns clockwise and the hourglass becomes common white sea sand.



the wooden frame hung on the main wall of an old house holds a picture... Which has been torn year after year by the cold.. Molds and lichens shelter it, without blinding it, confusing colors that were once vivid. The old man has never moved, observes the frame compulsively leaning his head slightly over the doorstep, without crossing it. No writing can be cancelled if it stays for too long time.



a window full of moments, perfectly arranged on an enormous purple canvas. Only a glimpse of happiness, or an entire existence, anyway too expensive. The perfidious merchant never has scruples... Only incomes.. And a macabre laugh all around. Do you prefer seeing falling stars or trying once again? I only sell perfect time!



At the end of a network of caves, where if you listen closely you can hear water steam jets, a much bigger and luminous one opens. Likewise is the silver canvas extending under the biggest hole that lights the pale blue limestone statues. In the dark part of the canvas 8 eyes wait and 8 paws rattle. Only 16 leaps.. And the collector signs his death sentence for too much avidity.



Sit, waiting for a big planetary collision.. Try to draw the look of two different races that, in a moment, right before the impact get to see fear in their eyes of different shapes.. Imagine a Big Bang followed by nothing... But before that, gather in your hands every object, every prayer or feeling, that right after that moment will never have existed or will maybe lay suspended on the edge of time as an infinite echo.



The two hemispheres of the brain.. Two big receptacles of chemical and electrical reactions. In the Right one fantasy and imagination, logic and reality in the Left one. But sometimes during strange nights something abnormal happens and a passage between the two otherwise hermetical boxes opens. Imagination starts to gradually blend with reason distorting shadows. It is better not to look under the bed, regardless of any noise coming up during those nights.



Heading south-west, where meadows ripple against the lower mountains, there goes a road. It is only a straight line, with some dried up bush on the sides at its beginning, and rarely, where turns begin, and vegetation becomes emerald green, you find those leaves, that look like almost floating on that tar river. Old ones living there believe that their peculiar movement have the faculty of bringing peoples' souls closer, inextricably. Yellow as wheat, as Kuta's sunset, and as the iris of people of that far island.



There is a moment, during some peculiar sunsets, when the shadows of some scarecrows come to life and start dancing inside magic circles amid wheat fields. Hands of straw looking for fire, a body to touch, eyes to swim into, while two buttons sewn on jute bag stare motionless, always guarded by the crow standing on the hat. Seasons flow loses meaning when you look at love holding on a stick that seldom moves for a weak spring wind.



biggest fears are hidden in the dark, on the bottom of a drawer, and under the tree standing at the end of the pebbles footpath. human eye always invents and hides the most frightening thoughts and imagines them there, hanging by a thread in the dark zone, between reality and subconscious. Then silently hits the Lightning, and after the thunder, lighting that dark footpath for a moment, materializing the terror of an horrible act of derangement, that has always been there waiting in the dark.



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